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Real Estate and Law Firm

It is our pleasure to introduce our Real Estate and Law Firm. We are convinced that the three basic pillars of our services i.e. professionality, effectiveness and complexity of solutions for our clients are fundamental for any legal advisory.
Dynamic development of business requires a legal team able to provide effective solutions, based on experience in particular legal areas. We provide our clients with legal services in such areas where we can prove essential knowledge and experience. Our aim is to propose to our clients legal support in order to let them perform their own activities and rely upon our legal background.
We propose complex solutions. For that reason, we cooperate with eminent tax, business and accounting advisors in the Myanmar , as well as other specialists in areas that require specific knowledge and qualifications. We are capable of setting up a team of advisors who are able to act immediately.

Real Estate

Our service is simply to fulfill our clients’ requirements regarding Real-Estate. We have collected lots of data such as Hotels , Warehouse , Condominiums , Landed Houses and Apartments , Car Show Rooms and Offices which are well connected to the city center in the Industrial Zones, and pieces of land for factories,……in various places, to meet our clients’ needs.
If you need a home or a piece of land to buy or rent, we are willing to take you on tours “Free of Charge” to find the right property that you are looking for.

Our managers and staff are well-trained to offer full service to our clients. We also have English, Chinese, and Japanese interpreters who can communicate well with clients from foreign countries.

We are always eager to answer patiently to all our clients’ question about current real-estate market.

We know that owner wish to sell their properties at a profit and without any delays. We therefore invite the sellers and buyers to our office to compromise the deal with one another. We help to negotiate between them to reach a favourite agreement. To make the best decision on your financial investments and to avoid any mistake in “Selling and Buying” properties, our skillful and experienced lawyers make a careful check on the ownership-documents of the Properties to see that they are legal and they also help you throughout the buying process by arranging to draw and sign the required “Deed of Agreement”. Changing the name of the owner and also registering the Contract of Agreement at the Registration Office.

We always render prompt and reliable service to all our customers.

What plays an important role in Real-Estate tasks?

It is “Law” as you know.

If you cannot act in conformity with the law on your sale, purchase, lease and transfer of properties, you may be faced with some undesirable troubles and you will be very upset with regret.

In drawing a Legal Agreement or Contract please note the following:-

To have the irrefutability of 100% possession , and to have peace of mind on your financial investment:-

You are always welcome to hold counsel with our law-counsellor.

Please do not hesitate to contact us.

You can see us anytime.

We take charge of:

1. Entering into sale and purchase agreement of property to be recorded at the Registration Office.
2. Making a registration for a patent on the trade mark.
3. Deed of Kitima Adoption.
4. Deed of partnership.
5. Deed of possession
6. Instruments of gift of immoveable property.
7. Special power.
8. General power.
9. Affidavits.
10. Checking whether the documents of ownership of property are right or not and are in accord with Law.
11. Putting a Notice by Attorney previous to the purchase of property in the newspaper to find out if there are any objections to the contract.
12. Negotiation.
13. Law-counseling for commercial affairs.
14. Establishing a company.
15. Renewal of company license.
16. Taking a loan from the bank for export & import company.
17. Contract for lease.
18. Agreement for leasing furnished house.
19. Conveyance on sale or lease of property by personal representatives for those who are staying legally in foreign countries.
20. We shall help oversea investors and other foreign-guests in accordance with the “Law of Foreign Investment” for purchasing or renting properties, which will be issued soon.


We mainly focus on Construction and Decoration. And, we are fully supported by our customers who believe in us
Construction is our main focus amongst the variety of businesses we are operating, and our principal area of operation is Yangon, Myanmar.


We decorate homes in a modernized way that will harmonize with the environment at a reasonable price. We offer not only full-packed but also customized-pack depending on the requirements of the customers.

We provide services for the following;
– Interior & Exterior Designs
– Making furniture with Aluminum, Glass, Steel, Composite
– Plaster cornice, wallpaper, parquet wooden floor, and wooden panel
– Painting, Fencing, Piping & Electrical Work

PAE System

We normally build houses with PAE system based on one-square foot with our professionals. This system is reasonable and easy to estimate the cost for our customers.

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