K K Business Group

K K Aviation Support Services Company Limited



  • To be a leader in the aviation industry, providing efficient and effective services to our customers.


  • We seek excellence in service and provide quality service at an affordable cost to our customers that will enable us to remain competitive.
  • Develop comprehensive in aviation industry.
  • Aggressively solicit new and growing target groups.
  • Establish relationships with airlines, charter flight operators, hotels, tour operators and travel agents.
  • Develop better relationship with corporate clients, senior government officials, secretaries and supportive agents.


  • Professional and qualified staff
  • Strong communication with Government departments related to aviation business, airport authorities, customs department
  • Strong connection with Ministry of Transport and Communication
  • Wide distribution channel ( International Airlines, direct sales forces)
  • Strong sound financial position
  • Independent delicate office, sales and support units for principal’s interest
  • Office location in the heart of Yangon City



  • Foreign Air Operator Certificate (FAOC) and Permit to operate application (Initial and Renewal)

K K Aviation can provide the initial and renewal services for Foreign Air Operator Certificate (FAOC) and Permit to operate certificate.

  • Flight operations

K K Aviation can provide the flight plan, weather booking, receving NOTAM, etc..

  • Aircraft Handling & Ground Support

As a  aviation service provider, we offer comprehensive aircraft handling and  hospitality services at all airports in Myanmar.

  1. Coordinated with Local Airport Operators
  2. Aircraft Handelling
  3. Marshalling
  4. Parking
  5. Towing
  6. Docking to Aero Bridge
  7. Refuelling
  8. Toilet and Water Services
  9. Balance/Cargo Loading
  10. Passengere Disembarkation/Embarkation
  11. Aircraft Clearence Certificate
  12. Chock ON/OFF
  13. Push Back
  14. Cabin Clearence
  15. General Weight/Balance
  16. GPU
  17. APU
  18. Overflight and Landing Permits

KK aviation can assist airlines, aircraft operators and service providers to receive overflight and landing permits for Myanmar in a timely manner. The following permit types are available:

  1. Non-scheduled Overflight and Landing Permit,
  2. Ferry Permit
  3. Special Flight Permit
  4. Scheduled Airline Overflight Permit
  5.  Charter Flight Permit
  6.   Airport Slots and Traffic rights for commercial operators.
  7. Passenger Services

K K Aviation team has extensive experience handling all kind of VIP, passenger Government Deligation, cargo and military flights even at the international airports.

K K Aviation can provide the services as follows.

  1. Arrival / Transfer services
  2. Check in services
  3. Dedicated Passenger services
  4. Boarding Assistance
  5. Priority Passenger Services
  6. Baggage Handelling
  7. Crew Services

K K Aviation can provide the services as follows.

  1. Passport Clearance
  2. Baggage Clearance
  3. Crew Transportaion – A/P-HOTEL-A/P
  4. Crew Accomodation
  5. Crew Pick Up

We focus on the safety of the crew without compromise.

  • Catering Coordination

We coordinated with cathering service provider as request.

  1. Normal Western Meals
  2. Normal Asian Meals
  3. Muslim Meals
  4. Special Meals
  5. Crew Meals
  6. Other Requirements
  7. VIP Meals- Ordered by Luxury Hotels
  • Fuel Coordination

Coordination With

  1. Aviation Fuel Serivices supplier at the region
  2. Prior confirmation require, uplifting Fuel in Liter/Pound
  3. Payment by WFS cards or USD cash only
  4. No credit allow
  • Aircraft Spare Parts Support Services

K K Aviation Support Services Company Limited provides excellent services to all aircraft operator for both local and international. We have always keep our excellent services while providing support to both local and international aircraft operators.