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Asia Win Aviation International and Gulf Travels & Tours Myanmar has evolved into an enthusiastic team of dedicated people. With our international network of partners and airlines, Asia Win Aviation International and Gulf Travels and Tours Myanmar is in a prime position to offer the most effective and economical aircraft types, including turboprop, middle-and long-distance aircraft, based on capacity requirements, airport costs, required destination, and route planning. Such wide and extensive list of airline partners worldwide gives us the opportunity to provide you with the best possible market prices and services even on a short-notice basis. Thus, we guarantee the perfect planning and implementation of your special flight requests.

Asia Win Aviation International and Gulf Travels & Tours Myanmar pays special attention to the most accurate compliance with regulations prescribed by the aviation authorities. The team will handle all your documentation, including applications to civil aviation offices, over-flight and landing permits, and other requests such as catering and hotel accommodation.

Our 24/7 international operations and customer service control center, supported by our headquarters in Cairo, Hanover and Warsaw, catering for all international needs and challenges. The team is very flexible toward any special requests and last-minute changes, whether it is a private aircraft or a charter flight. In case of unpredictable events, such as technical delays or weather changes, our experienced team is flexible and professional enough to handle all challenges and changes and to reduce or avoid unpleasant interference.

Our team always appreciates your feedback concerning the services provided and will be glad to receive your further flight requests to provide you with the best services and competitive prices and to improve our services continuously for you.

We operating the Hajj charter flight assignment and Aircraft Brokerage in addition to our normal tour business operations. If to recall back our services, we have arrange 02 charter flight from Royal Air for the Myanmar Hajj passengers who were been stranded in the mind-set of their journey on due account of Bangkok Air Port Crisis in 2008. These stranded Hajj passenger directly fly out from Yangon to Jeddah and then back to Yangon by means of direct route.

During the period of 2009 Hajj Season we have chartered 05 flight of Boeing 747 from Pakistan International Air Line (PIA) for 2500 Myanmar Hajj passengers has accomplished their Hajj pilgrimage in safe and sound and were back at home by a convenient route. This has added our confident and experience.We assure that we can arrange all your requirement with the Charter Flight Assignments all necessaries which you required in the Tour filed. On the base of our experience and associates we can arrange ATR Aircraft, Fokker Aircraft and Helicopter for you if you have any intention to purchase. If you are looking to purchase or to charter any type of air craft please feel free to contact us Mobile:+9595173028, and E-mail: [email protected]

We assure that our service will be at your door to dedicate you and your business.

Charter Flights

We offers commercial passenger and cargo charters for a wide variety of purposes:

Consolidate Charter Flights/ Part Charter and Ticket Sales

Executive Groups/ Incentive Flights

Special Groups/ Hajj and Umra Flights

International Tourism/ Holiday Charter Flights

Government Personnel/ Military Flights

Material Air Transportation/ Cargo Flights

Our team provides you with

1. Highly Competitive Charter Quotations:

  • Aircraft procurement
  • Flight and Capacity Planning
  • Complete In-Flight Services

2. Modern and Efficient New Generation Aircraft:

  • AA320, A330, A340, B737-800, B777-200
  • MD83 for ad-hoc flights as well as for long-term charter operations

3. On-Site Support:

  • Full airport representation for all major Egyptian airports
  • Language speaker assistance on board

4. 24/7 International Operation Center (OPS):

  • Following and real-time sending of all flight movements
  • Real time dealing with any unplanned situations or delays

Charter flights are time-saving, more comfortable, and even more economical ways of transportation. Based on charter plane size, it is often possible to reduce your costs and use an airport closer to the required destination.

When considering air charter availability, we can provide you with guide prices for both high and low seasons. Access to the market may substantially affect prices. Since we know the air transport market, we are always able to give you the best offer. Based on our experience, an end-customer making direct contact with an airline is rarely worthwhile. As a broker, we can always negotiate better prices, terms and conditions. By contacting an airline directly, you take on the unfamiliar role of unpaid broker. Our quotation is free, whether you agree with a deal or not.

Asia Win Aviation International and Gulf Travels & Tours Myanmar runs and manages the following capacity of charter aircraft:

Airbus 320

Airbus 330-243

Airbus 340-212

Boeing 737-800

Boeing 777-200

Boeing 747

McDonald Douglas MD83

Dash 8 Q400

ATR – 72-500

Air Ambulance

Our mission is to provide the highest quality care for patients requiring secondary medical transfer. All the doctors are specialists with post-graduate qualifications. Our teams of aviation experts will make all the arrangements necessary to deal with any urgent medical air transportation.

The patient transportation services include medical evacuation by jet or turboprop aircraft, which have complete set of necessary medical equipment. Spot Group has a fleet of air ambulances that function as intensive care units in the sky to enhance our capability to evacuate patients in critical medical situations. The following aircraft can immediately support your air ambulance inquires:

  • Cessna Sovereign Citation 680
  • King Air 350

: No. 25, Changi South Avenue 2, #01-02, Wan Tai Building, Singapore 486594.

: +65-64425585 ,+6597886377(Singapore),+9595173028(Myanmar)

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